How We Help You


Increases oxygenation and detoxification. Balances the flow of energy through the body. Opens restricted breathing patterns. Massages internal organs. Fosters a Sense of Safety. Cellular Regeneration! Improves energy levels and stimulates circulation. Improves many conditions such as Respiratory ailments, Immune deficiencies, Headaches, Low energy, Anaerobic diseases, and many others. Reduces Stress! Activates the rest, renew and relax response.


Fosters self-love and self-acceptance.
Improves self-esteem.
Enhances joy of life. Reduces worry and anxiety. Clears suppressed and repressed emotions. Enhances the awareness of self-sabotaging patterns.
Expands creativity. Enlivening into life. Enhances clarity and self-understanding of addictive patterns.
Develops greater capacity for responding vs reacting.


Deepens meditative states.
Develops spiritual gifts. Heightens an expanded awareness of the self connected to the perfection of the Universe.

Allows fuller expression of love and joy.
Builds intimacy within one's own heart. Strengthens the sense of interconnectedness.
Supports the embodiment of our authentic creative essence.

Corporate Creation

Transformational Breath®  workshop or retreat tailor made to your preferences.

Celebratory Ceremony

Enjoy an intimate evening with your closest friends to bring in the next phase of your “becoming.” Price commensurate on location, number of people, and style of savory fare.

Why Choose Us?

We will work together with your higher self to allow higher levels of consciousness to come through to share their vision for you. We will start with exercises on how to use your body to connect to your spiritual self.