Our Praise

Every Breath You Take

We will work together with your highest self to allow expansive levels of consciousness to come through and share visions of your own possibilities & potential. We will start with exercises on how to use your body to connect to your spiritual self. As you embrace your ability to connect with your intuitive guidance, inspired actions will weave co-creative opportunities which will form a lifestyle by deliberate design.

"Transformational Breath"

“That was the most profound spiritual experience I have ever had!”

“I have no words to describe what I just experienced. Knowledge and solutions just pop into my mind.”

“Wow! that was a mystical journey.”

“I have been harboring a resentment against my daughter for 40 years….just now I have forgiven her.” 

Darryn’s perception is powerful! With the shortest of discussion she pinpointed the essence of my concern, allowing me to use my time talking about the solution to the issue instead of circling peripheral concerns. I felt the weight lift as I experienced Darryn’s understanding and utter acceptance. It was healing to simply be in her presence. She is a true gem and I highly recommend her to those desiring insight into their purpose and heart’s desires.
Gabrielle Dunn, MBA
Montclair, NJ
I have attended Transformational Breathwork a few times and each time was incredible. It allowed me to release past hurts and see life from a different perspective. Since I have had various health issues I wanted to continue this practice to further assist myself. I feel like I really had to share this most recent experience. It was beyond my expectations. I was breathing during the workshop and the tears began to roll. As it was happening, I didn’t know WHY it was happening. It just continued to intensify. Both Daryn and Kirt both assisted me while I was in this tearful state. They held me and allowed me to feel safe and supported. I experienced incredible images that opened my mind to what I was experiencing. I realized it was my fear of death. Incredibly, through the breathing, I feel like I eradicated my fear of death. I had no idea this concept was running my life behind the scenes. I had brushes with death since I was 7 years old. I can understand now why that fear was there and remained there. However, now I feel more at peace with myself, my health and my environment. An incredible feeling of peace.
Dr. Nancy Erb, PsyD, LCSW
                   Clinton, NJ
Kirk and Darryn are doing the work they were made to do and I have been changed by it. I knew I needed assistance of some form when it came to my anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD and general struggles (PLUS the struggle that arose from trying to conceive for over 2 years) Even though we have found some biological reasons as to why conception has been trying, I felt no comfort from that and felt even lower than before. I’ve been managing but your workshop was truly a breakthrough. To be given tools to work through and process mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually....an absolutely sublime RELEASE. To tone, kick, punch and push - I feel like I was exorcising a little demon! Like I said the day of, I had tears piled up in my ears. An emotional autopsy. It was almost like I’ve been pounding on a door to open when it was unlocked the whole time.There’s so much more work to be done but I feel more hopeful than I ever have. Thank you again.​

Darryn truly has a gift and it is not only something I know from her guidance, but something I felt from her presence instantly when I met her. She dedicates herself to living a life full of optimism, joy, and love, and truly cares to help others do the same. I am so grateful to have met her, and for her beautiful heart and wonderful intuitive guidance.
Nicole Gregg, Yoga Teacher
New Brunswick, NJ
I've been sleeping like a baby! My mind has been extremely sound! I have been at peace with EVERYTHING! I have come to realize how awesome it is to actually listen to people. Once people are heard they seem to be more at peace which is good for me. I've connected so much with my mother over this past week. I've faced my past feelings about my mother and wrote her a letter of positive acknowledgement. My mother could not stop smiling and crying. Boy did she open up. I got my mother back for sure! I'm so grateful for you and your contribution. The Breathing experience has been life changing for me. I look forward to more and being in our community
Timeka Douse,
Realty Professional
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Darryn has a warm and deeply caring presence that allows me to feel safe and protected. Her exquisite ability to envision the specific details of my life path, as it expands and grows towards greater fulfillment and happiness, is her greatest gift. She has offered me hope and motivation towards many things that have manifested in my life.
Cara Franchi, LCSW
New York City, NY
Darryn and Kirk are incredibly skillful at bringing people to a deep place within themselves to start healing those places. The techniques, stories, music and the whole atmosphere was beautifully created to support this process. I was able to drop into an altered state of consciousness where buried issues came up. From that place, I sent lots of loving energy to continue the healing process. I felt lighter and more at peace from the workshop. 


Lucy Brinew
Neptune, NJ
My release experience is still growing and evolving every day. I am grateful for this. I look forward to my next Transformational Breath® workshop visit. I realize additional support will be key for me in my healing and growing breathes. Thankful that my pain and heart were recognized. This recognition validated that I need to work on healing and I accept this can happen through breath.  I am so grateful I found this amazing practice. 

Victoria Vaughn Nebel
Special Education
Rumson, NJ
Darryn Silver Murdoch is uniquely talented and able to provide new perspectives on situations wherein one might not dig deeper than what appears on the surface. Thanks, Darryn for helping me to open my eyes. You are a terrific life coach!
Janice Woltag Cohen, Reverse Mortgage Consultant
Los Angeles, CA
Whenever Darryn asks how you’re doing, her heartfelt concern is so palpable that to respond in a less than sincere way is to cause yourself and Darryn a great disservice. You see, in the short time that I’ve known Darryn, I have quickly learned that she is someone who has been fortunately endowed with the great gift of “knowing”. For this and many other reasons, I consider myself blessed for having met and befriended this most kind and generous soul.
Lucia Herrera
Leonardo, NJ
Whether you’re going through something or just “going through” life – happy, sad, angry, or complacent – talk to Darryn. This woman has a very giving, warm soul. Just talking to her for a few minutes left me feeling more well, more healed, more calm, and more clear about my spiritual path than I’ve been able to feel in a long time. Despite the fact that I’m going through a huge life-changing transition, I couldn’t feel more at peace having consulted with Darryn. Thank you, Darryn!
Liz Theresa, Online Business Expert & Web Designer/Developer
Boston, MA
I felt compelled to acknowledge Darryn's contribution to me in her online breath workshops. I can only imagine how much preparation, love and commitment is necessary in creating and recreation this profound and transformative program. I would be remiss not mentioning how incredibly generous you and Kirk are. You have impacted my family, friends and many others with this empowering work. I am grateful and appreciate both of you!
Denise Tucker, Artist
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I need to share with you both what has been happened since the workshop a few days ago. For the past 7 years, have been suffering with severe tendon tears in both of my arms. Being a healing arts practitioner, body worker and athlete I've done my best to rebuild my body and speed up repair. However, the spiritual healing kept lingering on unfinished. On Friday, both of my arms and hands went into tetany and my parents' spirits came and spoke to me. I was surrounded by Love & Light. Soon my right arm fell to the ground as if dropped by someone else and I felt no pain and then my left arm slowly unfurled to the ground and dropped and was healed. I can't explain it but since then the pain I felt has gone away completely. I hesitated saying anything to anyone for a few days till I knew it to be true. Your Workshop allowed me to let go on such a deep level that I was able with the support from your coaching to surrender to my healing.
With deepest Gratitude,
Melinda Applegate, Asian Healing Arts Practitioner
Long Branch, NJ